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    Broadwell-E (Xeon e5-26xx v4 14nm) cpus are shipping now

    JEShort01 Level 4

      There was a lot of fanfare that these new 14nm Xeon CPUs were coming, but it seems they are available now!


      They can be ordered from:

      - Newegg (hard to find, but they have e5-2687wv4 and e5-2697v4 in stock)

      - Provantage (most models available except the most expensive two - the 20 and 22 core CPUs)


      Dell's site now allows for a T7910 (T7810, etc.) Precision workstation to be configured with the v4 CPUs too. Interesting, they require that 2400MHz DDR4 memory be selected with the faster V4 CPUs. And for the price of a car, you can order 1TB of DDR4 LRDIMM 64GB memory sticks too!