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    Adding Animation Slide to Software Simulation

    CraigCC Level 2

      Captivate 9

      Recording: Software Simulation

      Delivery Method: MP4


      Hi All,


      I wonder if anyone can help/sanity check my plan here.

      I'm creating Software Simulations recording a long process using an Analytics S/W Tool.

      I need a Software Simulation to add callouts, highlight boxes etc.


      The Software has some nice animations on the graph when you drill down on data. Kinda like a progress bar.

      You can see a snip of the effect here: Craig Clarke - Analytics Sample


      This animation effect is not picked up when recording the 'Software Simulation' in captivate.


      So first question. Am I right in thinking you cannot pick this up when recording a Software Simulation, even by changing settings?

      And second question, if above is correct, is my best approach to insert CPVC slides in my Software Simulation wherever this animation is displayed?


      Many thanks