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    Please help - D750 RAW files not recognized by LR/PS/Br/ACR


      Just bought a D750 in mid-february 2016.  Prior to that we had a D7000 and used Nikon Transfer to take images off the camera and store on an external hard drive (several, actually, with online backup just in case).


      We also just converted from PC to Mac a month later - partly because our PCs were really old and the version of Lightroom (4.1) we had would not even update because we didn't meet system requirements, but the switch to Mac was also because we had always considered doing so, and the glowing reviews of user-friendliness with photography software further convinced us.


      So right now we have a new iMac, the D750, and a subscription to Adobe CC. I got a new 4TB external HD which is Windows/Mac compatible, and I've transferred all our old photos onto that external drive.  I recently also downloaded the most current Nikon ViewNX software (ViewNX-i) to the Mac,  which now allows me to pull the SD card from the Nikon, plug it into the Mac, and offload images to the Mac hard drive (which then auto-backs up to the attached 4TB external drive).


      Here's the problem:

      I can't get the Nikon RAW (NEF) files to open in LR.  More specifically, the problem lies in getting NEFs which we offloaded from the D750 to the external hard drive using the Nikon software on the old PC. We are talking about a few weeks of photos between the day we got the D750 and the day I got the new Nikon transfer software on the Mac.  Any RAW photos we took with the old D7000 and offloaded via the Nikon Transfer software on the old Windows PC are fine - we can easily import those into  LR on the Mac from the old hard drive.  Any RAW photos that we transferred from the new D750 to the Mac using the new Nikon Transfer software are also fine - the Nikon software is able to convert them to a .NEF file which LR can understand.


      So here's a timeline in case i'm not being clear:

      02/25/16    Purchased and started using D750

      03/23/16    Purchased Mac

      03/31/16    Began using ViewNX-i and Nikon Transfer to effectively encode the NEF files which work fine in LR


      The result is that any photos taken from 02/25 through 03/30 (which include some great shots of springtime nature and our friend's new baby) cannot be opened in LR.  I have read a lot online about having the appropriate/current versions of LR, Bridge, CameraRAW, etc, and I have ensured that we have all of those on the Mac.  I have tried a variety of different ways of taking the NEF files from that time period from my hard drive and opening them in LR or Photoshop but the response from the Adobe software is that "Photoshop cannot open this file" or "Lightroom cannot open this file" etc.  If i try to Copy as DNG in LR, same issue.  The images themselves have no preview and are greyed out.  That error message popup tells me to make sure i have the latest Camera Raw update (I do), and if the problem persists, to visit http://www.adobe.com/go/kb407111.  I did go there, and it seems the D750 should be supported.


      I have found a lot of posts from late 2014 and throughout 2015 about people complaining about D750 RAW files not being supported on Adobe programs, but it seems absurd that the same issue is now going on in Spring 2016.


      If anybody can help me to solve this issue and get these few weeks' worth of images to be "import-able" in LR, I would be eternally grateful.