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    Make a loading bar??

    DJ_Sick_Nick Level 1
      I've been told before about how to make a loading bar, but It's not quite right. So how do I make a loading bar that actualy works ? Thanks in advanced.
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          Here is a great cheat for a quick and easy loading bar.

          Leave 10 frames extra at the begining of the main timeline...

          On one layer place all of the content for you site OFF OF THE STAGE and stagger it amungst the 10 extra frames.. just try and divide it up reasonably

          Now create another layer with your loading bar and do a motion tween on it over the same ten frames.

          Flash will not progress forward until the frames are loaded... and as your content loads your 10 frame tween of the loading bar will advance..

          Hope this makes sense..
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            whether you use _framesLoaded or getBytesLoaded, you can then use that to simulate the load bar based on the percent.
            all you need to do is resize your load bar using _width

            say, your movie is 40% loaded, then the length of the bar is my_mc._width = 40;

            feel free to improvise.
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              DJ_Sick_Nick Level 1
              I'd rather prefer to use the harder, but less sloppy way, than to use a complicated cheat you're givig me. And actually, I still dont understand your first suggestion. Thanks for you help.