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    how make a new view using Javascript


      Based on a given condition, I want to change what nodes are visible in a given view and then save this as a new view.


      var viewIndex = 0;

      var pageIndex = 0;

      var a3d = this.getAnnots3D(pageIndex)[0];

      var aRuntime = a3d.context3D.runtime;

      var aScene = a3d.context3D.scene;

      var aView = aRuntime.getView(viewIndex);

      var i=0;

      for (i=0; i < aScene.nodes.count; i++){

           var aNode = aScene.nodes.getByIndex(i);

           if ( ... check condition ...) {

                aNode.visible = false;




      ... how to save this change to visible nodes to a new view? ...


      Interactively I can go to Views>>Manage Views...>>New View>>Ok


      I can't seem to find anything in the documentation or in internet searches on how to do this programmatically.