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    InDesign CC for web design?


      When I was learning web design, photoshop was the go to program. I work in a primarily print-oriented environment and InDesign is used for everything design related. Besides this all "feeling wrong", I ran into a weird situation between the two applications, that maybe someone can help me understand the why. I already have a work around solution, I'm just looking for better understanding of why.


      Recreate problem:

      1. Create new document in InDesign (web, 990 x 270 px)

      2. Create new document in Photoshop (990 x 270 px @ 300dpi)

      3. Fill photoshop layer with pattern (Edit > Fill..)

      4. Save photoshop as jpg at Maximum settings

      5. Place jpg in InDesign (File > Place...)




      I expected that the Photoshop created jpg would simply match the size of the InDesign document, however even though both documents have the same dimension, the jpg comes into InDesign considerably smaller than expected. Increasing the dpi on new Photoshop documents and repeating the fill procerss further decreases the dimensions when brought into the InDesign document.