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    Flash Video not loading


      I've created a Flash movie that uses the Flash 8 FLV display component. When I run my swf from my hard drive, it plays fine. When I load it onto my web server, the 2 FLV displays within my swf do not display. The rest of the swf seems to be fine. I am using relative pathing within the parameters of the components. When I try to use absolute pathing, I get an error message that says it cannot load the video. I have tripled check to make sure that I do not have a typo in the file name or path.

      Has anyone else experienced this problem or can shed any light on it.


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          I've just had the same problem, but with loading external mp3 or images.

          I've solved half of the problem already: the folder where the Mp3's were located had different type cAsiNg than stated in the XML code. In other words, rename the foldername to match the location or path in the code, or vice-versa.

          Probably something to do with your server software (e.g. Apache) and/or the way the browser (security settings?) allows files to be loaded.

          Can anyone shed light on this problem, and particular its causes?
          As a general rule, strictly use case-sensitive folder and filenames, and preferably keep everything lowercase so it is easier to remember/read.