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    Loader & progressBar does not work on IE

      well, its the second time and the second day that i am looking for solution for this problem. i was looking all over for written solution, but nothing came up. so, here i go once again..
      i have build a flash project where the most of the content externally loads in to the main movie. for each chapter i made a "Loader" component, and a "progressBar" connected to the "Loader". during building i was re checking that all is working well (test movie with "simulate download"). then, i was uploading it to my server and when i view it on "fireFox", or "Safari" , it all working. but, when trying to view it on "IE", i never see the "progressBar" and, all the Actions that relate to the "on (complete) {}" never happens.
      If anyone knows something about this situation, please, leave me a comment, or a sign for HELP.
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          I found this post because I was having the exact same problem,


          It has been a while since you posted your question.  Have you figured out a solution?


          I think I may have figured out why it was not working for me...


          I had the source for the progressbar declared in the action script (i.e. myProgressBar.source = myLoader;).


          This was causing the progress bar to only work intermittently.


          I selected the progressbar on the stage and put the source into the progressbar component parameters, my progressbar is now working consistently.


          Hope this helps.