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    AE - Preview does not update until timeline selected


      This is an odd thing that doesn't seem like a big deal, but it's slowing my editing down a ton.


      When i'm changing anything to any layer in AE, it won't update the preview until i click the timeline. Like, I'll do any sort of keyframe work or anything, and the preview just won't update until i click on the working timeline. It's odd, i've been working with After Effects for a few years on various machines, this specific one for over a year, and this has slowly become more and more common to where it's a constant thing now. I've tried lowering the preview quality down to even a quarter, that doesn't work. Tried fast drive, adaptive resolution, neither worked.



          Mac Pro (late 2013)

           El Capitan

           3.7 ghz quad core

           64 gb ram

           AMD Firepro D300

           250 gb internal SSD

           DISPLAY: Dell 27" 3840x2160 and Dell 24" 1080p (keep in mind, i've changed the resolution down to 1080p and that didn't fix it)


      AE INFO:




           Complete animation project with puppet tools on AI files. All characters are 1500x1500 within a 1080p 23.987fps project. (keep in mind, it even does this when i only have 1 character on the screen when i used to have 10-15 and it would perform fine. Slow, but fine)


      I don't claim to be an expert, i'm sure there are things i'm doing wrong, but usually i can fix things or find answers, but I can't find the answer for this. Please help!


      Thanks in advance!

      - Luke