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    Hello! I'm having trouble embedding a video file from a URL, any InDesign intelligentsia on hand?


      Hello! I'm trying to embed a video file from a URL into my document. I can download the video and then link to it, and it will play just fine, but I'm trying to make a pdf that will be distributed via email, so there's no room for a 111MB attachment! URL it must be. However, whenever I try to link to the URL rather than the local file, I get the 'Must reference a file that is compatible with Flash Player' warning.


      The video file is in mp4 format, so that should be okay? Here is a link to the file in question (and ideally the address I'd like to link to as well): http://players.brightcove.net/1349401008001/default_default/index.html?videoId=13605447050 01


      If the host is the problem, could anyone recommend a hosting site for InDesign compatible videos? Youtube doesn't seem to work.


      Any help appreciated! Especially since this thing is due tomorrow and it's nearly 10pm here. Argh.