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    Composition not exporting properly, even though it plays fine in program


      Hello. Ive run into a big problem. My composition doesn't export right. I have two rotoscoped layers on top of one another, and wheni play both of them back separately, they're smooth. Same when played back with each other in the composition window. However, when i add this whole composition to the render queue, it exports completely messed up. the rotoscoped layers in the videos are all blotchy, looking as if i had done very little work on it. Again, like i said, when i play it back in program its fine. But when i export it, it looks horrendous. Ive exported using render queue many times with no problems before. And I've never ran into problems like this one until now. I would appreciate any help i could get. BTW I'm using A macbook Pro with an i7 processor