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    Indesign has Stopped Working


      I am having a terribly hard time all of a sudden with Indesign CC 2015 (Windows).


      It's been working perfectly for a year, but all of a sudden (like, today), it won't even start.  I am able to attribute this to the latest update...


      When I uninstalled it completely and reinstalled via Cloud Apps, it only lets me install CC 2014.  So I install that, and run it.  It works fine... but of course, I can't open any of my projects in it.


      The Cloud instantly gives me the option to upgrade.  I upgrade (to again, an older version), and it installs and works fine... At this point I CAN open an previous project, but it wants me to DOWN convert it.  I declined because Cloud Apps said there was another update waiting.  So (stupidly) I did the update.  NOW it no longer works.  Can't start it up at all.  I keep getting the message "Adobe Indesign CC 2015 has stopped working".  That's it.


      I will be UNINSTALLING it again, and reinstalling it, but either way, I'm kind of screwed as my projects aren't opening in the current version (even though Indesign was working FINE last week).


      Adobe's support structure simply takes me in circles, and there seems to be NO way to actually contact a real person.


      I'm at the end of my rope.  If anyone has any insight, please help.  (NOTE:  I've read some posts in the forum about removing files from the USER directories.  I tried that.  No go.

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          See if this solves your problem:


          InDesign crashes on launch on Windows

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            I had the same issue and this worked perfectly!! thanks so much, Steve

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              gaslampvillage Level 1

              This is a good answer.  I transported my machine to my home office, and re-started it, and all of a sudden everything was working.  I don't know what changed, but I'm darn glad it started working.


              Thanks for the reply, I will document this fix in case I run into the issue again.


              Cheers, Steve!

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                gaslampvillage Level 1

                Hmm... This is interesting.


                When I had my computer at home, everything worked fine, Indesign fired up.  No problem.


                When I returned my computer back to work, and hooked it back up to the network, I'm getting the same INDESIGN CC 2015 HAS STOPPED WORKING.


                Why would that be?  Is there something in my firewall that would prevent it from working?  My Adobe Cloud account is in good standing, and my other Adobe Apps are working just fine.

                Although I did change my computer's permanent internal IP address from to, I'm sure that shouldn't matter at all...??

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                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                  I believe I read someplace that this can be caused by an error in the hosts file. I wouldn't dismiss the IP change as a culprit.

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                    gaslampvillage Level 1

                    I do edit my HOSTS file on a regular basis (adding and removing Apache virtual host references for web design), however, when I changed my IP address back to 1.100, it still caused me issues.


                    The hosts file would be a possible cause IF it continued not working on another network altogether.  But as I've seen... when my computer is on my home network, it works.  shrug


                    Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.  As it's really inconvenient having to disable my network everytime I want to start up Indesign.


                    (NOTE:  If I disable my network, start indesign successfully, then RE-CONNECT my network, Indesign seems to continue working.  So it's gotta be something that happens during that startup sequence.  And it's only recent that this has started to happen.  I've been using Indesign successfully since November)

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                      gaslampvillage Level 1

                      Ok.  So I managed to get through to Adobe tech support and the fix for this problem was easy, and is related to the newest update to Indesign.


                      It has to do with Windows automatically detecting the proxie through which it connects to Adobe Cloud.  I will post the solution here in case someone else has this issue.


                      NOTE:  This pertains to the latest version of Indesign running on Windows (In my case, Windows 10)


                      When I contacted tech support he first asked to run "inetcpl.cpl" from the command line.  Hit WIN+R and type "inetcpl.cpl"


                      Go to the "CONNECTIONS" tab and at the bottom click on LAN SETTINGS.  Ensure ALL the checkboxes are off so there is no detection of a proxy server, and none configured.  (You will probably have the "Automatically detect Settings" clicked.


                      Hit OK until you are out of the Internet Properties configuration utility.  And viola!  That worked for me.  Easy fix (if you can find it)

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Did you ever run the patch in Steve's link? What you just described was the workaround used before that patchy was issued.

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                          Another Andy

                          Thanks so much Steve. Nice easy fix.