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      動画の最初に、長文の挨拶文を載せるつもりでいるのですが、その文字1つ1つを最初はランダムに散らばせておいて、所定の位置に配置していくような演出をかけたいと考えています。全く同じでは なくても良いですが、似たような演出をする方法を教えて頂きたいです、宜しくお願い致します。

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          Greetings to you.  I would very much like to help.  I must rely on computer translation and it is not doing a good job.  Perhaps you would consider trying to explain again and include pictures of your screen.  Maybe then I can help.



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            SENSUI Level 1

            thank you for your replying.
            i would like to make such kind of beginning of the movie attached.


            please help me

            thank you

            best regards,

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              whsprague Adobe Community Professional

              I would still like to help, but am not able to understand your request.  The movie attached does not play in my country.  Capture.JPG

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                Mohammad Tahseen Adobe Employee

                I think I got what you really want to create by looking at the movie attached by you. Yes, that is very much possible in Premiere Elements, but it requires a bit of editing. I would suggest you to try following steps.

                1. Add few title depending on your requirement.

                2. Select individual titles and open Adjust panel.

                3. Open Animation tab and select Move In and Out category.

                4. Choose DropInByCharacter and then click Apply.

                You might need to try this on different titles or you can create one title having entire texts. That depends on your requirement.

                5. As far as playing embedded movies are concerned, they are nothing but PIP or picture in picture. You can drop your movies on monitor and select Picture in Picture and adjust the size and rotation.

                All this requires editing and you will need to be a bit patient while editing and probably that will be a huge learning curve for you too. Let me know your experience of creating the movie and if possible share the final output also.