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    Flex and Silverlight

    Lars.pehrsson Level 1
      I read an interesting article about the new SilverLight 3 Beta earlier today (link at the bottom), and it blew me away how fast Microsofts approach to RIA is progressing, and what is to expect of the next version.

      We have developed a Flex 3 application, a financial application which basically takes flex to the max of its capabilities. It has to cope with houndreds of quotes per second, while at the same time draw charts, fetch news and calculation results and theoretical option prices etc. etc.
      We have spend hours in the profiler and tried to offload the main thread by using Pixelbender for more advanced real-time calculations. With success, the application works fast, it is pretty cool and the clients love it.

      But now we have reached the limit of what is possible in Flex and a real-time application. Before we started I was considering using Silverlight for this project, but thought it was to imature. It seems that this is not the case now and MSFT is really having focus on RIA.
      When we look at what to expect in Gumbo and still no Multi-threading (which Silverlight was born with) this makes us a bit sad, cause we really love Flex, but thinking about what happened to NetScape pops up in my mind.

      Anyways, we do not have other possibility of starting the same project all-over again in Silverlight, parallelly at the beginning and then choose a winner at the end. Quite an expensive way to develop, but we cannot afford not to do this.

      Link to article:

      Link to our application: