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    InDesign does not start




      I’m using CS 5.5 Master Collection with Windows 8,1.


      When trying to start InDesign I now always get this notes (German)  :


      Zum Laden von DYNAMICDOCUMENTS:PRLN ist Transparency erforderlich. Installieren Sie das Zusatzmodul Tranparency und starten Sie Adobe Indesign erneut.


      Zum Laden von InDesign.exe ist DynamicDocuments erforderlich. Das Zusatzmodul DynamicDocuments wurde nicht registriert.


      My Translation:


      To load DYNAMICDOCUMENTS:PRLN there is Transparency needed. Install the plugin Transparency and then start Abobe InDesign again.


      To start InDesign.exe there is DynamicDocuments needed. The plugin DynamicDocuments was not registred.


      Then I have deinstalled the application an then reinstalled it once more.


      But the problems still remains.


      I think, there is a registry fault…



      What should I do now?


      C. Kelm