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    LR5.7, D4s, ElCapitan and new tether issue


      I'm REALLY frustrated at the moment and can't figure out heads or tails from all the chatter on the web about ElCapitan vs earlier Operating Systems and tether functionality.


      My D4s used to tether wonderfully to my MBP and LR5.7.  Then I upgraded to ElCapitan and can't get the tether function to work.  My camera is not recognized.  I've read so much about this works but not that, CC/Cloud is supported then it's not, and so forth I'm simply overwhelmed and need an answer from the creators.


      Will my D4s tether to my MBP with the following:



      OS-X ElCapitan v10.11.4

      LR v5.7

      Nikon D4s


      And if it won't work, what do I need to do in order to get it to work?  I'm not really interested in purchase of new software at the moment.  Cash flow thing.....  Is there a way to update my existing 5.7 or did it get dropped for CC?


      Help.  Please............