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    License problem of Acrobat Professional and InDesign Server

    mr sans9595043 Level 1

      We purchased perpetual license of Acrobat Professional and InDesign, but seems to need activation again after around 1 year. Is there a permanent key for activation as our server is on production and cannot connect to Internet directly?



      We have purchased the following two products in our Project:


      1. Acrobat Professional 11.0 MLP AOO License IE (65195519)

      2. InDesign Server CS6 8.0 MLP AOO License IE TLP CLP LTD 1 INSTAN (65172511)


      We installed the above two software in 5 Windows 2012 R1 servers in 2 environments.  The 2 environments are located in 2 network segments in server farm, the 2 network segments do not have direct connection to Internet.



      Non-prod Environment

      3 servers were installed in early 2015 (jan / feb), Indesign Server was activated offline using adobe_prtk.exe, while Acrobat Professional was activated by connecting to Internet temporarily through proxy server.  We found that the license of both software become invalid after rebooting 3 servers on 26-Feb-2016.  We need to perform activation for both software again and the operation resumed after activation.  The license problem caused interruption of the PDF generation services in these servers.


      Production Environment

      2 servers were installed in 2015.  One of the server encountered the same license problem as non-prod environment after reboot on 30-Mar-2016. This affects production services and not acceptable.


      Given the software licenses we purchased are perpetual, please advise under what circumstances will the license will be invalid and require activation again.  From the time period from installation in early 2015 to the server restart in Feb 2016, the time elapsed is around one year.  Would Adobe license require reactivation once every year?


      If the license will become invalid after certain time period, is there any procedure that can make the activation valid permanently?