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    Preview is way too short



      I've upgraded to AE 2015 and trying to optimize it'ssettings.

      My computer has 16GB, Windows-7 64 with SSD installed as well.

      I'm experiencing very short preview times, sometimes.

      For example - I'm currently working on a quite simple composition, not a lot of effects and motion blur isoff.

      I just purged the memory and clean the cache.

      MY CPU usage is about 15%, and just 60% of RAM is used.

      I'm allowed AE to use 10GB of RAM

      Using thespacebar which is set to auto resolution and autofps - I can only get a preview of about 10 frames!

      I really can't seem to understand why it happens.

      Only closing and opening AE again will probably extend the preview time.


      Please advise!

      Thank you