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    Myportfolio and cookies law EU

    Alfredo_Bertagna Level 1

      By posting a personal portfolio of Adobe Portfolio compared the cookies EU law or should I enter the alert for the visitor as on a WordPress blog?

      If you use Google analytics, or the embed code, you have the use of cookies.

      It would be interesting, for European users, more information about cookies law.

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          jackieg218 Adobe Employee

          Hi there! If you create a personal Portfolio, the site will drop a cookie on the machine of each visitor that visits your site. This cookie is strictly necessary for the provisioning of your personal Portfolio. A standard Portfolio will not drop any other cookies on a site visitor’s machine unless you have modified your personal ProSite to add additional functionality or features that utilize cookies. In the European Union, if you choose to add additional functionality or features that utilize cookies, it is your responsibility to comply with the law and provide any necessary notices to your site visitors.

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            grsankar Level 1

            How to add cookie consent to the My portfolio website?

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              alr49466914 Adobe Employee (Admin)

              We suggest adding a custom page with the appropriate copy or adding it to your footer.

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                helmutsteiner Level 1

                It would be really helpful if you could include an option to enable a cookie consent popup like the MIT licensed javascript "cookie consent" for your European customers! This is necessary if you enable Google analytics which is an option on myportfolio. Cookie consent has to be an option therefore, too! To include the notice in the footer or on another page is not enough as the visitor might not see it.

                Kind regards,

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                  edutigermoth Level 1

                  So my reading of this is that if you are in Europe and if you publish a My Portfolio site, we manually need to add a cookie page - as the standard site does drop a cookie on each user's machine...


                  If this is the case, do Adobe plan to add in some standard functionality to help its user's comply with EU law?

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                    Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Adobe is a US company and if I'm not mistaken, they own Portfolio.


                    If you feel you need to do more as a Portfolio user because you live in the EU,  you do not need slick gizmos or fancy software to comply with the directive.  It's actually quite simple.


                    Background: In 2011 the EU created this directive to raise awareness about privacy & cookies.  There was a perception that most people didn't know about cookies or how to disable them in their browser settings.  Of course you had to be living under a rock not to know about cookies.  But anyway... 6 years later, people know what cookies are.  And site owners have an incentive to create a privacy / cookie policy if they don't already have one.


                    Example blurb:  This website uses cookies in its analytics.  By using this site, you agree to accept cookies.  Click here for our Privacy / Cookie Policy.



                    Describe the  cookies that are used.  And tell people if they don't want to accept them, they can turn off cookies in their browser settings. 



                    The Cookie Law Explained



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