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    Nested animation (rotation within a rotating object)


      Hi there,


      I had an idea for a simple animation for a logo that I want to produce. I use illustrator a little but I have never used animation tools before.

      I just downloaded a trial version of Animate CC for 30 days. What I am trying to figure out now is how to do this nested animation:


      1. A word rotates 90 degrees (say: "Sphere" ) from its end point, the "e"

      2. Simultaneously inside this word The letter "p" rotates on its own -90 degrees about centre WHILE following its position in the rotation above.


      Is this clear enough? If so can someone step me through this please?


      [ PS: Why do I not have or cannot see a diamond symbol for Tweening ? All the latest tutorials I see there is a diamond symbol for any animation effects... ? ]

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It might be easiest for you to first concentrate on animating the P, then incorporate that with the rest of the text and then animate the whole thing.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            Movieclips inside of movieclips move, scale, and rotate along with their parent. So just make the highest-level element a movieclip, then the "e" and "p" or whatever into movieclips nested inside that movieclip, with their animations timed to sync with the parent animation.

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              tmer33 Level 1

              Ok Ive made it work now. The big problem I had is that I did not distribute symbols to different layers.


              Now I want to make a letter "T"  reflect vertically to become upside down 'T' I need the motion to be as if you were looking at the "T" head on and the plane of rotation is parallel to your vision. Does that make sense ?


              I tried to create a new keyframe and then reflect vertically and tween but this results in an oblique rotation. Anyone know how to do this?

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                ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

                Flanimate has always been a bit stupid about "flip" animations. The simplest fix is to insert two immediately adjacent tweens in the middle that take the shape from the start position to almost-zero positive height, then almost-zero negative height, then on to the final position. Assigning -100 easing to the first span and 100 easing to the last span will yield the most realistic-looking result. Like so:


                o <-- height 100% (easing -100)





                o <-- height 10%

                o <-- height -10% (easing 100)





                o <-- height -100%

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                  tmer33 Level 1

                  Thank you Clay.


                  The double tween method works and looks decent. But I did not notice the 'easing' to be doing anything.. What does it do?


                  Another problem I have in my file now is that a nested symbol is animating more then once inside its parent (Rotation) and finishing on a 'middle frame'. Instead of animating and finishing on the last frame. I tried making it a graphic and selecting Loop once, or making it a Movie clip. neither solved the problem.

                  Edit: 1. I also have a color change which is a shape tween that animates and begins to animate again till the 'highest' level animation is done.

                            2. does the easing accelerate or decelerate the tween? I fiddled around and I noticed with the values you gave its got the perfect motion to look like a 3D rotation. thanks!