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    image size printing on Canon Pro 1


      Hi, has anyone else had this problem?

      I am running Lightroom CC (2015 up-to-date) on an iMac (El Capitan 10.11.3) and printing to a Canon Pro-1 using the Print Studio Pro plug in.

      It generally works beautifully, but when I crop and size an image in Lightroom to print at 297 x 210 mm (A4), the image size in Print Studio Pro is sometimes (and erratically) slightly smaller - eg it shows as 296.8 x 210 (1mm border left and right) and I can't manually change it to the correct parameter - same issue with other paper sizes (eg 4 x 6) so I get an immaculate print with a fine line at the border.

      The glitch is unpredictable, sometimes not there at all, sometimes slightly larger - and sometimes I can override to get the correct size, sometimes I can't.

      There is obviously some issue in the communication between Lightroom and the Canon software.

      Any thoughts?

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          whsprague Adobe Community Professional

          "Any Thoughts?"   Yes, but only "thoughts", not answers. 


          I'm on a PC, Apple may be different.  I have had a Pro-100 for about 2 years.  There are three complex variables:  Lightroom, the Canon Print Studio plug-in and the printer driver.  I tried a lot of combinations with a variety of results.   The combination that worked best was to leave out the plug-in and print directly from the Print module.  Contrary to usual advice I turned off the color control in LR by selecting the choice to have the color managed by the printer.  Each time I print I double check everything by first pressing the left had Page Setup button and the right hand Printer button.  Depending on what Windows has been thinking during other print tasks, the Page Setup button may show the wrong paper is selected or some other anomaly.   The Printer button launches the printer driver where I press Properties and double check more settings, especially Preview Before Printing. 


          When the printer was brand new, I experimented with Exporting a "for print" file and using the Canon stand alone software outside of Lightroom.  Results were very good.  It eliminated any Adobe/Canon communications confusion.


          My thoughts include that I suspect as a Pro-1 owner you are a more frequent printer than I am.  My tedious steps are OK with me as a very low volume printer where patience is a virtue!

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