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    automate changing pictures while retaining layout


      Firstly i am a complete noob to InDesign I have to load Multiple images onto a template seperately (Product shots so its just one pic at a time) after googling sizing issues i realised ID was the best program for keeping all images the same size within a frame is there a way to automate the process of loading the images instead of me having to do it one by one manually?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If your template has empty placeholder graphic frames for your pictures, you can select multiple pictures at a time in the Place dialog (File > Place). Then you'll get thumbnails for each one in your placement cursor, and you can move your cursor over each placeholder frame, click to place, move to the next, click to place, etc.


          When you have a cursor with multiple pictures loaded it will show a number (the number of remaining images). You can move through the images in your cursor with the arrow keys (left arrow, right arrow).