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    Query of Queries on 2 datasources

      I'm trying to do a query of queries on 2 different datasources. I run a gaming site and have a 2 programs that are used for tracking. One is written in php, by someone else, that tracks members point status. The other, I wrote in CF, allows members to set up treasure priorities. Both are stand alone on my server. What I am trying to do is set it up so the program I wrote in CF will display the # of points each member has. I know how to query the separate tables but how can I combine them? Also, how can I set it up so that it only shows the members that match. i.e. I want to make sure that if John Smith has 100 points, the query will show John Smith's 100 points on my table. Here is what the query looks like as I have done it. As you can see, I'm confused about the FROM and WHERE statements. I played with it last night and couldn't get it to work. Thanks.