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    Preflight does not check for changes to linked XML?

    Doug A Roberts Adobe Community Professional & MVP

      Good day all, wherever you find the sun today.


      I'm producing a book of files, all of which have linked XML content that can be updated from an external source. Though InDesign does its usual check on opening a file if links are missing or changed (and alerts you if the XML has changed), this doesn't seem to extend to preflight checks. Changed XML links do not appear in the preflight panel and I can't see anywhere to enable this in the preflight profile options (I made a profile with every check enabled and it didn't pick it up). This is annoying because users have to open files themselves to figure out if anything's changed, and I was hoping we'd be able to preflight the book to sort out that sort of thing.


      Has anyone come across this, and if so perhaps found a way around it? Here's a screenshot of my preflight and links for reference. You can see that the XML file has a modified indicator in the links panel, but there is no indication in the preflight: