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    InDesign CS 5 documents corrupted by CS 5.5


      I have a user who is licensed for CS5 and her system needed to be rebuilt.  CS5.5 got installed inadvertently during the rebuild.  The user began using InDesign 5.5 for a week or so before the mistake was caught.  She'd already modified a couple of the 100+ InDesign documents she had, re-saving those few under 5.5.  We re-installed InDesign 5, then re-opened the 5.5 saved documents in 5.5, exported them as .idml and re-saved them in InDesign 5.  All InDesign documents and extensions were then associated to open in CS5 and not CS 5.5.  The decision, however, was made to leave 5.5 on the machine long enough to confirm that any document which may have been inadvertently opened/saved by 5.5 in those couple weeks could be exported from 5.5 then re-saved in 5.0 and that CS 5.5 would be removed after a month or two, just to be sure there were no stray files that were forgotten about.  The user is technically adept and understands this process.


      The issue we're having is that now InDesign documents won't open properly in CS5 without the missing plugin warning.  These documents were confirmed to have not ever been opened by or saved with 5.5 but now those untouched documents appear to be "corrupted" by the very presence of 5.5 on the same physical desktop.  Upon opening them in 5.0, they complain about the plugin and don't work.  However, biting the bullet and opening them in 5.5, exporting, resaving in 5.0 seems to work fine.  Restoring old backups of the documents even appears fail, InDesign 5.0 still throws the compatibility/plugin error even though these files are known to have never interacted with 5.5.  Does 5.5 get it's tendrils into 5.0 if they share a system?  It's not logical, but I can't figure out what's going on.