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    Why Eclipse and not Dreamweaver?

      How come you're only supporting the Eclipse environment and not Dreamweaver?
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          I'm not familiar with eclipse but I would assume it is better for compiling the result.
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            that's because eclipse is the state-of-the-art platform for development. and it's opensource. if it was the other was round, mm would always have been a step behind implementing the great coding features of eclipse...
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              You definitely didn't use the old Flex builder 1 or 1.5. It was OK for building small "Hello World" applications, but with serious applications it kept crashing and crashing. On Eclipse it's far more stable (almost uncrashable) and the plus points of having more plugin options for your workflow, eclipse is the best thing they could do.
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                It doesn't take a math major to figure out where the larger audience is. Eclipse has been around a long time supporting developers in Java and C++. It's stable, has a HUGE community and if they are looking to attract a larger segment of (forgive me) real developers they couldn't have chosen a better platform.
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                  To be honest, I let out a huge groan when I found out they were using Eclipse. I find it buggy, slow and lacking features out of the box. There's a long list of plugins but most of them are even buggier and poorly written. We just moved to Intellij IDEA as our primary IDE and couldn't be happier to uninstall Eclipse.

                  Don't get me wrong, I understand the reason why they used it. It's an open platform that's easy to extend. Much better than writting it themseleves but it's still a piece of crap IMHO.
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                    Originally posted by: mcantrell
                    lacking features out of the box..

                    Eclipse and lacking out-of-the-box features? Have you ever worked with smth but brilliant IntelliJ IDEA? How about Visual Studio, is it cool, fast and full of features? 2005th version still has no any refactoring features :)

                    Eclipse is the second best IDE to my mind and absolutely unreachable among platforms. Dreamweaver-based Flex is as slow and buggy as Eclipse 2.x and has no features at all...