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    Chat Room Help


      i was searching the internet and i found no help so i thought i would come here and ask "How do you make a flash chat room?". I have no idea where to start so anything and everything would be a great help, i would like to have a log in so it would be able to remeber people as well (because i would like to in time make this into a online game but first i thought it would be sensible to start of with something a little bit more simple).

      So any links or tutorials would be great.

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          First of all Flash could only create a front end for it on it's own.

          Flash would require some server side software to enable 2 way conversation. Think of the Flash plugin as only being able to request files from a server. It can't have information pushed to it unless the server has software to do so. Now Macromedia has their own server side software to do that sort of thing but you'll pay through the nose for it. It used to be called the Flash Communications Server, although I think they've renamed it, it's essentially the same thing.

          Now some people out there have come up with ways to do it using free software like PHP with some extra goodies installed.

          Given the number of people building Chat rooms in flash, which is very few, I can't see too many people giving their aquired knowledge away but your best luck is a Google search. Try kirupa.com, actionscript.org or flashkit.com but I doubt they have the complexity to help you with this one.

          It's a long road and if you don't have experience with server scripting it'll be a very steep one.

          Best Wishes with it.
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            go to http://www.flash-gear.com/index.php?b there you can get the hmtl codes to install your chat on your web site without hardly any dificulty wana see mine < http://www.myspace.com/promoart>