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    Offline/Remote use of InDesign

    Mel PNG

      I am an anomaly; I teach yearbook at an International school in a remote area of a third world country. I am currently using 15 year old copies of InDesign, with license for 12 computers.  I really want to update the software on 8 machines.  I’m willing to pay monthly, whatever for license, but I can’t be online for use at all. We are too remote.  I hear I can back-up on a disk or drive, but I need a step by step instruction for this.  I am stateside for a few more months and can download there to take back.  Hoping for some way to do this.  If it can’t be done, what is another InDesign type product that can be used without an internet connection for creating yearbooks?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          You don't need to be connected to use the software (it resides completely on your machine) other than to connect to the activation server once a month to verify your subscription is current, and the program should continue to run for a period even after the current month if this connection fails. How long are you off the grid? You do need a connection to install or update, though.

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            Derek Cross Adobe Community Professional

            Would you be able to access the internet say once a month so that Adobe can confirm your subscription is up-to-date?

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              Mel PNG Level 1

              Yes, I can access monthly, but fees for internet use are very high,so no downloads or updates...once I'm back in PNG. I stay remote up to 4 years at a time, thus the old versions I'm using.  Also, I imagine there is a teacher/student license for a bit of a price cut, looking on the site for that now.

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                Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant

                To connect to the internet to approve the license does not take long internet connection and does not need high speed. Only installation of new versions and builds will need a higher file transfer. Every 3rd month a new build is available, every Year a new version. For school traininings purposes it is not so important to have the latest version, but I would recommend to do it once a Year, not with the first build in June, but with the second or third on later in the Year, or with the last one as these have more bugfixes. If there is a way to get a remote installer on DVD or USB stick, you should ask Adobe Customer Support.

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                  Mel PNG Level 1

                  I do agree that I have some valid questions for Adobe Customer Support, but they are very weak in this area.  I go to find a phone number and am told that my product does not have phone support.  It says to use the forums, which are giving some insight, but not really what exactly to buy, how to transport it to PNG as I can't download there, or how large an amount of data (data is very expensive in PNG) I will need to purchase yearly to update.  I have questions about buying for 8 machines, but only one download, I'm willing to pay for all 8, but not for 8 downloads in PNG.  This is pretty frustrating.Honestly, being sent to a forum for this type of question is more what I would expect of Linux.  For a program I'm willing to pay quite a bit for, I'd expect much better customer service.  If I get the same treatment as freeware, why shouldn't I just get Scribus?  I am pretty confused with how to get help from this company.