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    delay in receiving  messages via sharedobject

      Hello friends,
      I have developed a audio/video chatroom application using Flash 8 and Red5 server.

      i m using following client side code:-

      for publishing video stream:-

      var nc:NetConnection = new NetConnection();
      var out_netstream:NetStream = new NetStream(nc);
      mycam = Camera.get();
      mycam.setQuality(0, 80);
      mycam.setMode(320, 240,15);
      out_netstream.publish("videotest", "record");

      for playing video stream:-

      var in_netstream = new NetStream(nc);
      rcv_video.attachVideo(in_netstream); //here rcv_video is video object

      i m using shared object to send messages like this:-

      var soChat = SharedObject.getRemote("text_chat", nc.uri, true );
      soChat.client = this;

      trace("message recieved-->> "+str)

      this code is on Click event of button:-

      soChat.send( "newMessage","Hello How r u?");

      Application works fine for text chat without any delay in receiving messages but take lots of time in receiving messgaes when user start playing audio/video of others.

      please help me on this issue its very urgent
      thnaks in advance