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    AE stopped reading SWF files: Cannot open file, it may be an unsupported format ( 86 :: 1)




      I just started working on a new laptop, I downloaded creative cloud to start using after effects. I imported all my swf and mov files and the whole project worked beautifully. Then I imported one last swf, and suddenly it said it couldn't read it, and then decided that it could no longer read all the swfs that had just been working. And then it crashed. I tried re-opening it, re-linking the footage, but it still says all the swfs are unsupported, and then crashed again. I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling and I get the same result. Should I try uninstalling all of creative cloud and all the apps? Does anyone have any idea what to do? The swfs work fine playing in flash so I know they're not damaged. My laptop is a new macbook pro, so it has plenty of space and power.


      Any ideas? Thank you so much!