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    InDesign CS6 Fill and Line boxes grayed out in Swatches pallette.

    CEEH Level 1

      My stroke and fill  palettes are grayed out in the Swatches panel of InDesign CS 6 (Version 8.1 on Windows 7 Enterprise). They work fine over in the Tools palette, but NOT in Swatches -- where I need them to work (to save time and mouse action). Have tried deleting my InDesign user settings, but it didn't help. Is there anyway to get them to work again from the Swatches palette without having to ask my IT department to re-install InDesign. (Work for a large organization that is highly security conscious, so I don't have rights to reinstall software myself).

      palletteworksintools.pngStroke and Fill work in the Tools palette

      Palletenoworksinswatches.pngStroke and Fill  grayed out in the Swatches palette.