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    When creating an interactive PDF form, is there any way I can make it for the end user to grow the form as they're working?


      I'm looking to see if something like this is even possible:
      A page in my form asks for the number of dogs the end-user owns.  For each dog, there are a series of questions taking up 2 pages.


      If the end user owns 1 dog, they would simply fill out these 2 pages of questions and be done with.  However, if another end user owns 2 or more dogs, when they complete the initial 2 pages
      of questions for dog #1,  they can grow the PDF by generating the same 2 pages w/ questions to fill out for dog #2, #3, however many they may own.


      How they would generate these fresh pages to complete for each successive dog is what's getting me.  I've tried to figure how I could accomplish this w/ buttons but all available actions didn't seem
      to solve this problem.  Maybe it's something I'm just not seeing here.


      Thanks for any help you can offer!