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    How to resize an edited shot to display properly at its intended size?

    Nikon D90 Gent II Level 1

      How do I retain pixel density/quality of the original shot after cropping

      off a major portion from a full frame capture and subsequently display it

      at the newly created size?


      Anotherwords, I don't want that cropped shot after being opened to

      automatically fill the entire 23 inches of my monitors screenspace (which

      would be ridculous & overly pixel thin) but just at the intended crop size.

      Then if I want to futher zoom in, that will be my choice.


      Being primarily a bird photographer and factoring in I use a full frame

      DSLR, due to physical distance away from the bird, I often have to crop

      significantly to axe undesirable elements and to bring out/highlight


      To demonstrate - hopefully to make this more clear:


      I have a picture of a perched red-tailed hawk which only occupies a

      relatively modest or even small portion of the screen. I can only

      reasonably zoom or crop in so far before it's stretched too thin.


      In addition, not only do I just want to display the core portion of the

      picture (bird + perch), there will be a variation that will show the mid

      chest up or maybe just the shoulders, neck and head for a tight close-up.

      After the edited shot is launched, the proper area of screen to be covered

      is say for example: a half or a 3rd of my screen not 100 percent!

      The missing key is to know how to finish the editing process to incorporate

      the above. Please help me understand how this is accomplished within Lightroom.


      Thanks in advance.

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          Bob Somrak Level 6

          From Lightroom, just export with Resize to Fit turned off.  this will export the exact pixel dimensions of your crop.  There will be no upsizing or downsizing.

          Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 3.16.01 PM.png

          As for viewing your photos and they expand full size, you need to set your photo viewer to view at the actual size if the photo is smaller than full size.  There is probably a fit setting you can turn off.  If not than you need to use a different photo viewer.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            LR will fill the screen display area with the full image until that image is so small, in MP, that to fill the screen it would become pixelated. LR then displays it at 1:1.

            So I take it you are working with a large MP image and when you crop something out it is still large enough that it would be larger than the LR display area if 1:1 was selected.

            Original image from a Fuji 15MP sensor with Fit selected.


            Fit the Display.PNG


            Same image with 1:1 selected.


            1 to 1.PNG


            This is how much I had to crop out so it didn't fill the screen with either Fit or 1:1 selected.



            So what you are asking for can't happen, at least not in LR. Your image has to many MP for what you are asking for.