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    Best Adobe software for PDF metadata?


      What Adobe software is the best for working extensively with PDF metadata. I need to embed several custom metadata fields, including a paragraph long general description of the PDF document. I tried using Adobe Acrobat Pro 11, but there are too many limitations. For example, it has a limit to how many characters I can insert into the metadata properties form. Or, if anyone has a technique that works. Please let me know. I tried exporting the XMP file and editing the metadata using XML Notepad and reinserting it into the PDF; it worked for the most part, but it still cut off when in the PDF file due to character length and it did not accept parent-child hierarchical metadata. 


      I have a magazine issue that contains several articles. I want to embed in this single PDF metadata for each article (e.g., article title, authors), including abstracts, in addition to metadata for the overall magazine issue (Publication Title, Publication Volume, Publication Year, etc.).