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    swf as Background

      Hi all,

      I have an application, in which i want to add a swf file made in flash as background i add a simple animation on it... and i want that swf as background of the full application.

      Anyone know how to do this work ?

      please help me cuz i need this background.

      Regards and thanks for all your help.
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          cesaregb Level 1
          Anyone know how to make this task.. ?

          I've a blur and other small effects, which i want to play depending on where am I
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            EvolvedDSM Level 2

            Declare a stylesheet in your main application

            <mx:Style source="styles.css" />


            In your styles.css (or whatever you name it), declare a new styleName and embed your swf inside it.

            .myStyle {
                background-image: Embed(source="backgrounds.swf#retroFifties");


            Declare the style of the swf after the # symbol


            Back in your main application, set the application tag's styleName="myStyle" (you can do this for any container such as canvas).


            That should do it.