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    Flash encoding is failing


      I am setting up a webcam project and have problems with flash encoding.

      1.: I tried to broadcast on camsite where they have an embedded encoder as flash plugin. Even if the performance of my equipment and my internet access is just partly used the image is **** (highly compressed).

      2.: I installed the flash media live encoder for streaming on an other site, but it is not working. When not streaming the cam is just seen in the input frame, while the output is in dark violet. When starting to stream the output frame shows the cam, and the input shows dark violet. Only the sound is saved on the file.



      About 1: Processor is used at 30%, RAM at 40%.

      Changing the parameters of the little embeded interface is not leading to a better quality.

      I turned of antivirus, all other software, deactivated hardware acceleration, made sure emergy setting are on 100% performance.

      But no changes.



      About 2: Only error shown in the log when starting the programm says "Profile Warnings : 1. Name of the file to which encoded video is to be saved, has wrong extension. Changing the extension to .f4v".

      I changed all settings and nothing helps.



      Both: I deinstalled flash player21, activeX9.0 and flash media live encoder3.2 and installed them all again. Did not help.




      Acer travelmate 4750

      Processor i5

      4Gb RAM

      cam: Logitech c910

      Fiber internet with 5 Mb upload (messured min 4.5 at any time)



      Any advice?