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    Confusion over script and how to make video play

      Hi folks,
      I have created a SWF file that includes video, audio and text. All three parts work fine when I play the SWF file, although I would like to know what code I should put to be able to stop the audio from playing.

      But my main problem is once I have the SWF file uploaded to my site. The audio and text part works fine, but the video of a robot comedy performance will not play. I am not sure why this is, but when I uploaded the file to Dreamweaver there was a Script file called AC_RunActiveContent.js that automatically downloaded along with a file called .htaccess. I uploaded both these files too, but the video part of the SWF file still would not play. I have tried the SWF file in Mozilla, IE7 and Flock, but no luck. I also tried pasting the AC_RunActiveContent.js into my Dreamweaver page and uploaded that, but that did not work either. I just got all the code showing. For those who want to see the SWF file for themselves the link is http://www.marykingmedia.com/manga2/index.htm
      For those curious about the AC_RunActiveContent.js code, I will paste below. I am not sure if this is Actionscript or not. If it is, I do not know which Actionscript it is.
      But I have absolutely no idea what the problem is, or what I am supposed to do here. I would be grateful for any help you can give me. Keep explanation as simple as you can because I am not terribly tech savvy.
      Thanking you all.
      p.s./ I am using Dreamweaver CS3, if that means anything