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    ScriptUi listbox extending beyond window until resize

    McShaman Level 1

      I know this is not specifically about InDesign scripting but it will be incorporated into an InDesign script and InDesign scripters have a reputation as being the smartest!


      What I am finding is when a listbox is larger than the window it extends beyond the window and is not reachable. If I apply a layout.resize() function to the window onResize event, the listbox fixes its self when I resize the window.


      var w = new Window('dialog', undefined, undefined, {
              resizeable: true
          w.orientation = 'row';
          w.alignChildren = 'top';
          w.maximumSize.height = 400;
          var myList = w.add ('listbox');
          myList.alignment = ['fill', 'fill'];
          var item;
          for (var i = 0; i < 200; i ++) {
              item = myList.add('Item', i);
              item.checked = true;
          w.onResizing = w.onResize = function() {
      w.show ();




      How do I make it so that the listbox fits within the window on show?


      Also a second little issue: I am having troubles where the checks are not displaying when I scroll through them quickly. When I click on the item with the missing check marks they suddenly appear. This seems like a refresh issue. Is there something I can do to fix this as well?