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    Setup for Documentary Edit. Help!!!


      I'm about to start editing a feature documentary and want some advice on the best disk setup.


      My edit suite has 5 x 1tb sata HD's. Currently set up as:


      c: OS/programs

      d: media

      e: media

      f: project files

      g: media cache / scratch disk / exports


      This setup works for me and the other projects I currently work on. However I want to use a separate setup for the documentary. I've been researching Raid and Desktop attached storage and to be honest I'm a bit lost with it all.


      For the documentary I've shot 4tb of footage. My thoughts are to have 2 x 3tb drives with 2tb of footage on each and a 3tb drive for media cache, scratch, renders etc. All of which, I think, can be housed in a separate DAS.


      However, I don't know if I should setup up a raid system? I'm not really sure what the advantages are? I have all the footage backed up so if a disk fails I can just replace it, so I'm not worried about loss of data. But does raid really improve performance that much?


      And can anyone recommend a good DAS? I've been looking at the Drobo D5 and that seems to do what I need, I think.


      Amy advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.