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    Need to reset activations


      I previously purchased Lightroom 6 and installed it on my desktop and on my old laptop.

      Subsequent to that, I purchased a new laptop, and then formatted and got rid of the old one.


      I cannot activate Lightroom 6 on my new laptop, and am being told that I need to deactivate LR on my old computers in order to use it.

      I no longer have my old laptop, so I cannot run lightroom on that computer and deactivate it there.  I am 3000 miles away from my desktop, so I cannot run Lightroom on my that computer and deactivate it there.


      There is, very stupidly, no option for me to deactivate previous installations from within Lightroom on the computer I am using right now.


      How do I go about deactivating Lightroom on computers I do not have access to?