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    Does RH mess with your custom HTML?

    EileenPalsson Level 1
      I posted this feature request:

      "Leave-this-alone" signal to RH: Please implement some kind of code or comment or other signal that tells RH, "Leave this code alone. Don't mess with this code." That way, users can implement their own special solutions when needed, without RH messing it up as soon as you switch to HTML view.

      Adobe expressed interest in this and asked me for examples of when RH messes up user code. But I have only one example:

      I inserted a placeholder in the code of a drop-down. But when I switch back, and view the drop-down from the Design tab, RH deletes it.

      If you have other examples, post them here and I'll give the Adobe rep a link to this thread or email the examples to him.

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          MergeThis Level 4
          They've already fulfilled my code request in RH8, which was to carry over ZOOM search "kill" tags (<!--ZOOMSTOP--> and <!--ZOOMRESTART-->) from source to output. Older versions would simply drop them from the code during the generation process.

          I use these tags to keep H1 and navigation content from appearing in the "page's meta description" and therefore had to index against my source and manually update the Zoom files into the output folder. (A little thing, I know, but any manual tweaking invites possible errors...)

          Many thanks, Adobe-niks, and keep up the terrific work! I can't wait till we finally get the update for RH 8 (from X502, would you believe) approved by Finance!.

          Good luck,
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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Hi all

            I've seen it where folks want to associate more than a single style sheet (.CSS file) and personally I've seen it happen where I'll add my own META tag only to have RoboHelp ever so politely discard it.

            Cheers... Rick
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              Fly Molo Level 1
              Can I just send them Rick's TipsNTrix.chm?
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                I had a similar problem when i specify it to use a Windows media player active x control to play a .avi file, RH would replace my html code to use the quicktime active x control instead... took me hours to figure out that this was going on. Had to use javascript to get around this - luckly RH wasn't smart enough to parse that and modify it :)