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    Blue squares around text frame and blue block underneath capitals?

    J van E Level 1

      I just switched from InDeisgn CS6 to InDesign CC 2015 and noticed two things:


      - when I am editing text and press the command button (working on a Mac) I see blue squares around the text frame and cursor seems to blink a little. This doesn't always happen: it depends somehow on how I selected the frame or if I already moved the cursor with the arrow keys. I use the command key a lot to for instance select text and those blue squares and blinking cursos are annoying: things seem to go slower somehow too. What is this and can I disable this?


      - when I have capitalized text (using the TT option) and select it, a little blue block appears underneath the first selected letter and when I go there with the mouse I get a popup screen with the same letter in underscore. What is happening here and can I disable this too?