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    Activating CC on work and home computer

    petery88759724 Level 1

      Hey guys.


      2 days ago we bought a few cc licenses at work which includes a ton of great programs like PS, ID, Illustrator, fuse and so on.

      I know that I should be able to use it on my work computer and also my home computer as a "backup" since I got a personal license, but I can't seem to get it to work.

      At work everything is fine but last night I tried installing all the apps at home through the CC launcher and all of them now runs as 30 day trials.

      It's noteworthy that it wasn't me who bought the license but a colleague who invited me to a "CC team", I believe it was called, where I got my license. Could that be the issue perhaps?

      Also my work computer is still on but in sleepmode and as far as I know that shouldn't be a problem.


      Anyone else had this problem or maybe have a suggestion what I can try to do to solve it?


      Thanks in advance!