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    objects frames converted to png?




      I have published my ebook that I wrote with inDesign. However, Apple iBooks doesn't accept it since it finds a lot of PNGs that are more than 4 million pixels.


      All my imported images are JPEG so PNGs seem to be generated from all object frames that I have in my book.


      I have used zip/unzip ePub to see what PNGs I have in the file. It´s a lot, like 100. And all of them are super high resolution (more than 4 million pixels), even though small in size.

      Some of them are simply empty, but still high resolution.


      1) Is it standard process that inDesign converts many objects into PNG while transferring to ePub?


      2) How do I find them within the file?


      3) How do I change their size?


      4) And one other question, not related to PNGs: Why is my ePub size increasing from 23MB to 29MB, while I actually optimised my inDesign file (through downsizing JPEGs) from 20MB to 15MB?


      Thank you in advance,

      BR Alexandra