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    Rendering hang, AE 13.7


      Steps to Reproduce Bug:

      1.Sending the master composition to render (either AE or AME)

      2.Selecting both h264 or tiff sequence output format leads to the hang, I believe the rest will produce this as well

      3.Hang occurs at specific frame (when different composition starts)


      Tried the purge every X frame secret menu, tried resetting the cache and prefs folders, purging memory before render, pretty much clueless about it.



      The rendering process was hung for over 12 hours without rendering the next frames of the composition, not generating any errors, just stuck in there. around 2/3 of the progress bar (hangs at about the 1990'th frame in AE, AME doesn't state it)


      Deleting the composition that it gets stuck with (first row in the image) will proceed to the next composition after it's done rendering the blank space (even with the camera layers there)

      It used to render that composition before I started working on the next one, I may have made some changes to it during that time.


      Even exporting the whole composition as a tiff sequence hangs there, I've had to split it in 2 in order to get around this which is odd, it won't render in one go, but it will when it's split. that leads to unwanted results (long rendering times, huge but lossless files etc...)


      Ram is at about 9.5gb used out of 16gb, gtx860m 4gb ram, Lenovo Y50-70 UHD, CPU usage drops from 100% to ~15% when it reaches that point; AfterFX and dynamiclinkmanager processes are still running in the background (when working with AE, it's having additional AfterFX process as the other one is probably the linker to AME). using Windows 8.1.


      Expected Results:

      Rendering of the whole work area


      I have tight deadlines as a student, and not being able to produce complete drafts that fast is huge time impact. Therefore I'd appreciate any fast response as possible.


      Images to demonstrate the hanging position



      Thanks in advance.

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          rona21719829 Level 1

          Just a quick note about pre-rendering in AVI format (with any codec) will export the composition without hanging completely, though it doesn't fix the h264 or other exports through AME.


          That means I still have to re-encode the whole thing through AME after it's exported as AVI which is a time killer for me.

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            Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Encode your AVI's to a watch folder for AME and then keep working in AE while AME does your H.264 encodes in the background.

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              rona21719829 Level 1

              I'd tag this as an answer but unfortunately AME hangs when it renders AVI's as if only AE itself does goes through all of it, which makes me sit there while it's rendering and locking me up from AE itself.

              It's quite vague why this is happening because AE itself streams it through AME as far as it seems, there's always an AE process running even when AE is closed when AME is rendering.

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Wait, are you saying that AME hangs when you import an AVI and try to encode your H.264? What codec are you using to render your AVI? Try rendering a QuickTime with the PNG codec from AE and use that in the Adobe Media Encoder.

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                  rona21719829 Level 1

                  I'm saying AME hangs when I'm trying to export the project as any format, the only way it works is by first pre-rendering it as AVI through AE and then re-encode the project as h264, either using an AVI codec or not, will render the project through AE successfully, but when using the same settings through AME, the rendering hangs on the same location (the location differs from time to time the more I arrange the timeline)


                  As for now, I'm rendering AVI's without using codecs as a fail-proof method so I'll end up with a raw file on my hands instead of hangs.


                  I'll try the QuickTime suggestion and report back how it goes.




                  QuickTime shows no love... frozen as well.

                  As in, AE is still responsive, but nothing happens, the 1990'th frame won't render, the ETAs and elapsed time are frozen as well, I can click the pause button, but clicking the stop button will do nothing, It feels like something just crashed behind the scenes which may be the cause of the rendering not fully going through.


                  Thinking of it, I just figured the sequence it reached is 3840x1080 , could it be that when it reaches a different layer sized compositions it's having issues with exporting them as 1920x1080? I'm using those long layers to have "action outside the screen" which may be the incorrect use for it.


                  I'm still puzzled about what could actually make the program react like that.


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                    rona21719829 Level 1

                    As in, I haven't even exported the AVI yet, as I chose AME to do so, so I could continue my work on AE, but everytime I do so it'll hang no matter the format or codec chosen, It backfires sometimes at AE exports as well as you saw, and honestly AVI was the only format that render it all in one go.


                    My current focus here is to make AME export in one go a compressed format, even if it means to export a lossless one and re encoding it as long as AME does so, if it's involves AE to be the exporter, that'll be a time consumer which loses its purpose.

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                      rona21719829 Level 1

                      I somehow managed to solve the issue for the scene, I triggered one of the comp layers at a later-on phase than the beginning of the nested comp that contains them (alt+[), fortunately the scene starts from zoomed in position which allows me to do so.


                      It manages to go through the problematic scene so far, I'm unsure why it does troubles when it encounters it at the beginning, but not on later phases.


                      This is the most peculiar issue I've ever encountered with an adobe product since ever.




                      Now I have another spot on the timeline that does the same... I'm starting to lose it

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                        Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        There's got to be some effect or combination of them that is causing this.

                        A complete list of effects used along with the format/codec of any/all footage/assets involved might help.

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                          rona21719829 Level 1

                          I have my project hosted on my storage, I can send you a link to try it out yourself if you want to, I wonder if you'll have the same behaviour as I did.


                          I don't use much really, I'm making an animation and most of it are position keyframing, scales, motion blurs, puppet tools, levels rotations... I am using the particle system at the beginning but the composition is done from that part. which logically means that the resources being used for it are being dumped by the time it reaches the problematic zones.


                          About the format/codec, I've tried lossless tiff sequence (which I've split in two because it froze by the 1990 frame, frame by frame exporting helped to do so), h264 on AME, QuickTime PNG on AE, lossless AVI on AE and AME (froze on AME, made it till the end on AE) I've tried tweaking the quality and codecs to see any changes on both AVI and h264:


                          on AME it refused to export the h264 and the AVI

                          on AE it froze at the location where h264 on AME did, when using the QuickTime PNG settings

                          on AVI, AE it did export regardless of the codec.


                          Also note again, that rendering the whole composition does this trouble, but when removing the previous scenes it actually makes it through (even when rendering the blank areas), it just doesn't wanna render correctly with the whole thing intact.

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                            rona21719829 Level 1

                            I'm losing it. the export froze again at the 1990th frame. I don't know what the heck is going on but it's starting to get on my nerves. it takes long enough to export and hit random spots every time. GUH.

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                              Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              rona21719829 wrote:


                              I have my project hosted on my storage, I can send you a link to try it out yourself if you want to, I wonder if you'll have the same behaviour as I did.

                              That would be good to check. You can send me the link in a direct message.

                              I will not be free too look at it for several hours though, so please don't expect a quick turnaround.

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                                rona21719829 Level 1

                                Yeah I understand, I just want a cure for this disease which been puzzling me for like 2 weeks now.


                                I'm sending you the compressed project I've made when I first reported the issue, If it doesn't contain all the files let me know, I started off with a mess and later on sorted things out so there might be stuff left out.

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                                  Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  Export froze on 1990th frame. That's an a minute and 6 seconds. It looks like that is right in the middle of a transition between two nested comps. Can you break the comp up into scenes or a shorter sequence. You may just be running out of resources. From your first timeline it looks like you are putting together a sequence that's about 2:15. You don't have any elements that extent throughout the entire comp so maybe it will work better if you chop it into pieces, then edit the rendered pieces in Premiere. Most of the time I just do a single shot in AE. I don't like trying to precisely time and refine the edits in sequences. In the long run it is way more efficient. It is probably the first thing I would have tried to fix a busted render.

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                                    rona21719829 Level 1

                                    Yeah that's what I thought as well though it still doesn't explain why on different formats it will render... like just now, It did render through quicktime @ png as Szalam suggested, and the try before it didn't go.


                                    And it's quite peculiar that AME won't take anything I feed it with.

                                    I've found the frame, it seems like it's with one of my animated characters, I've moved the initial appearance of them to the 1990th frame (it was around the 1980 one earlier) and sometimes it hangs on the 1980th one, and sometimes on the 1990th, thankfully AE shows the frames while it's rendering unlike AE.


                                    It's not common as a resource issue but it may be possible, since as I've said, lossless AVI goes through the whole thing (and about an hour ago - a quicktime png did as well), I may still tinker with it a bit longer since I'm a bit stubborn to replace my workflow with a different one but if there are no other choices then I cannot avoid the inevitable.


                                    It's just a shame the program behaves like so, I would've at least expected a crash, or some sort of log that may lead to the hanging cause. since it's just simple layers with AE animating them and not something extremely complex for it to handle..

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                                      Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      The AME runs AE rendering engine in the background so it's not the same as using the render queue.