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    Adobe Premiere Elements 13- Can't Remove Menu


      My issue has just started recently.  I had accidentally chose to put a menu on a project that I just wanted to have auto-play on a DVD.  I chose to reset the menu and went to go to "Publish + Share" to select "Disc" and the "Menu Theme" box popped up.  I did not want a menu so I tried to click off the higlighted theme and to choose "Continue" in the bottom right corner.  Problem is, once I deselected one of the themes the "Continue" option became grayed out and I could not proceed with out choosing a theme.  I chose a theme and again tried to reset it so that there was no menu.  Again, when I went to "Publish + Share" the box for selecting a "Menu Theme" popped up.  I have tried to start a new project and even use completely different video files but now on every project I am working on, if I go to "Publish + Share" and choose "Disc" this problem occurs.  I have attached a video link that shows what I am refering to.  Please advise.


      Thank you.