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    No Configure Profiler dialog box

      If this is the wrong venue for this question, I apologize in advance.
      Just upgraded from Flex Builder Standard to Pro.
      Tried to use the profiler.
      I press the 'Profile' button, the application starts, but I never see the 'Configure the Profiler Agent' box.
      I verified with the "Manage Flex Builder Licenses" window that I am on the Pro version now.
      What have I done wrong?

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          I get the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?

          I try to use the profiler but I don't even see the "Configure the Profiler Agent"-box. Like you, I just updated from FB 3 Standard to FB 3 Professional. Like you, I verified with the "Manage Flex Builder Licences"-window.

          What I have done furthermore:
          - I just deinstalled FB 3 and reinstalled it, but this time I installed from the professional DVD only. No success.
          - I created a mm.cfg file as recommended. This file didn't exist. No success.
          - I checked for existence of the AdvancedDataGrid component to ensure that I'm using the professional edition. This component is available, but profiling is not.
          - I checked for the current Flex Framework: this one is version 3.2 SDK. The current flash players are FP 10 Debug Player (for IE AND FF/Safari/Opera).
          - I stopped ESET NOD 32 and any firewalls (FritzBox and Windows). Except for feeling queasy at the moment, there isn't any progress.

          Anyone any ideas?

          TIA and greets