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    Flex Compiler / Debugger Not Working

      Hi there,

      Just this morning I opened up Flex Builder 3 and when trying to create a new component. I could create the component, however the debugger is now not working. Basically, in Flex whenever there's an error either in MXML or ActionScript you get a red dot on the line or near the line that contains the error. This error is not showing up at all. I blatantly try typing incorrect ActionScript code and I still get no errors. I also tried on three other computers and they were all experiencing the same problem (all with either trial versions or paid versions) . Has anyone else had this issue or know what the problem might be? The compiler seems to be working properly in any newly created Application files just not in newly created components. I tried reinstalling Flex 3, updating the SDK and none of these work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.