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    Indesign CC 2015 is freezing up/slow


      2012 21." iMac / 2.9 GHz Intel Core i5 / 8GB DDR3 / Running 10.11.4


      Had an issue start yesterday afternoon.

      Indesign cc 2015 began freezing up, it does not crash but the beachball starts spinning for about 15 seconds, stops for a second.... then starts again.

      Weird thing is this doesn't happen when I open older INDD files which have never been opened by CC before.

      It also does not freeze up when opening IDML files. But as soon as you save the IDML file or the previously unopening by CC INDD file, as a new INDD2015 file, it begins to freeze.

      Other CC apps work fine, Photoshop and Illustrator.


      I previously used CS6 and upgraded to CC a little over a month ago with no issues since.


      Just spent the past 3 hours with tech support screen sharing. We un/re installed Creative Cloud and Indesign, tried running in safe mode, tried running under a new user, deleted prefs, installed CC2014, installed and older version of CC2015.... all with no luck. No issues with user fonts either, I turned all off and tried.. no dice.


      Adobe tech said as we were talking, they were beginning to get some other calls in about the same situation.


      Anybody else have this problem crop up the past day or two?


      For now I suppose I can use CC to convert the newer files and open them in CS6, but that's not my preferred method. Especially since some of my recent jobs have used fonts from Typekit.

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          Same issue. InDesign is currently unusable and on deadline to make it even more fun! Going to try to reinstall as a last option. Can't get any work done as it just hangs every few moments no matter what I'm doing in InDesign.

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            turbofc3s Level 1

            Agreed on ID CS6 IDML workaround. It seems to be the only way to get work done for the moment. No stalling or beach ball of doom when working on the IDML file in CS6.

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              Documbie Level 1

              I've been working fine since Monday having CC convert all my recent INDD files to CS6 files, the only real issue is some of my newer jobs I used typekit for the fonts, i'm now having to replace them with system fonts and explain to customers why things look different. STILL haven't heard back from Adobe on when a fix will be released. I'm just glad I was able to keep CS6 installed when upgrading, if not for that my entire company would be shut down along with indesign.

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                turbofc3s Level 1

                Never bothered running typekit—always stuck with Suitcase (which isn't saying much I still miss ATM!) I too kept CS6 and it's been a lifesaver for other reasons too. There's an extension for CS6 that allows you to automate style applications to text and it only works in CS6 but it saves hours of having to manually apply stylesheets to directory listings. I'll keep researching this and updating as I try to find an answer.

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                  turbofc3s Level 1

                  Well, I exported the two directories to IDML format and opened them without issue in CS6 and while waiting for the client to call with final changes, I went ahead and went to the CreativeCloud app (in menu bar) and did a complete uninstall of Indesign CC. Once it deleted everything—including preferences—I went ahead and did a new install of IDCC. I just opened the documents I was having issues with and the problem is gone! The ONLY difference I see between what I did and others have done, is that I just did the uninstall and install from within the CreativeCloud app accessible in the menu bar.

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                    Documbie Level 1

                    Received an email from Adobe yesterday about my case saying the issue has been resolved but with no instructions. I then noticed an update available to the CC app. I upgraded CC, uninstalled and reinstalled INDD 2015 through the CC app and STILL having the same issue. I don't have another 4 hours to spend on a call with Adobe this week, I have to get work done and I suppose i'll keep using CS6 for now. At what point do I just uninstall CC and go back to using the older apps or does adobe refund money? I'm about over all of this.

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                      turbofc3s Level 1

                      Sheesh. That sucks. have you checked to see if the issue occurs on every file you open or just the. Current one you're having issues with. Have you also tried re-opening the file from CS6 back into IDCC? How about turning off all don't management and deactivating fonts? Sorry you have to go through this--I know first-hand how fristrating it is on deadline. Good luck and have a great weekend.



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                        turbofc3s Level 1

                        Came back to my studio this morning to find we had a power outage and my MacPro rebooted over the weekend. InDesign back to stalling every few seconds. Checked Activity Monitor to see why it sounded like one of my drives was constantly R/W and noticed two apps hogging memory: MDS and MDWWorker. Researched them to find that they are part of the Spotlight Indexing. Went to system prefs>Spotlight?Privacy Tab and dragged my three in HDs to the tab. Mods and MDSWorker stopped running, HDs stopped reading/writing and now Indesign is functioning properly. Let me know if this helps, please.

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                          Documbie Level 1

                          Just gave that a shot with no luck. If I wasn't so bogged down with work i'd have more time to try to solve the issue or at least get back in touch with Adobe to let them know that NO, their CC update last week did not fix my issue. Thanks for the input though, I really do appreciate it.

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                            Documbie Level 1

                            ACTUALLY I think you indirectly led me to a solution. I did try what you suggested, leaving my HDs out of the spotlight indexing. I have 3 HDs, the iMacs, a WD external used as my time machine and a WD external used only to store go pro videos. Both my mac and my time machines HDs were able to be left out of the spotlight indexing, BUT (here's where it gets good) for some reason the external with my videos gave me an error and could not be added. I went to open the drive to look at the contents, it's been a while since i've had to go into it to edit a video and BAM, it took about 2 minutes for the finder window to open and my computer froze up in a similar fashion to my indesign. I subsequently unmounted the HD and for the *#&$ of it opened Indesign CC and it worked flawlessly.


                            I just got through using the WD utilities on the drive and it failed all tests. I'll deal with that later, for now I just want to know how in the heck if my rarely used external hard drive that was failing, which contains ZERO files needed by indesign, could possibly effect the performance of Indesign and no other programs. Photoshop CC, Illustrator, Acrobat all worked great. As i'm typing this i'm seeing that I did have this external HD set as my Photoshop scratch disk, as there is a "PS auto recover" folder that is located there, i'm still working on it but i'm wondering if that has anything to do. I'll update if I can get this drive working again and Indesign at the same time.


                            SO as of now my problem is solved.