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    Where do my Lightroom CC / iOS files go?


      I'm trying to get into a workflow where I can edit photos on my iphone in the Lightroom app and then access them on my two computers easily as physical files (preferably in the Creative Cloud folder, where my active files are saved). I never made the switch from Photoshop to Lightroom, so I do not enjoy using Lightroom on my computer, just my iphone:


      CC syncs the files through Lightroom, but I always have to find a workaround to then download the actual file onto my computer. I don't even know where these LR files are saved. It seems like they go to a hidden "Lightroom" folder on the Adobe CC server. Does this folder eat into my 100gb CC space? I don't know... Is there a max Lightroom CC capacity? I don't know...


      Where can I find a full guide (pref made by Adobe) to review how ALL CC files sync? I'm assuming there is a manual somewhere that I haven't read. I am just trying to manage all of my files in one place. Love CC, but LR seems like it's designed to be entirely self contained.